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My Maternity Leave turned into £100,000 of Travel Bookings!!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

I began my travel business when I was off on Maternity leave with a 6 week old, I wanted to find something for myself alongside being a Mum to two and this looked so perfect as it was flexible so could work around my busy life.

Being home based meant it allowed me to work around my children, still earn an amazing amount of money and do something in an industry I loved- Travel, which was just what I wanted.

Since starting just over 2 years ago I have now booked over £100k in travel for friends and family earning the commission on every single trip I booked.

They were always going to be booking these trips anyway, but through the support and training I was given they chose to book through me because of all the extra value I give them.

Why book with a screen when you can have a real person to help guide you and make that booking through.

This opportunity gives me something for me and my family and has allowed us to still travel as a family whilst being off on maternity leave.

I absolutely adore the business and what it’s done for me and my family, and so grateful I said yes to this opportunity.


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