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Life Simply Travelled

Life Simply Travelled is an opportunity for absolutely everyone already booking their holidays online.

It's a simple way to earn an extra income through booking holidays using some of the industry's biggest named suppliers whilst getting the best possible prices available for your clients.


We found a smarter way to make travel simpler, allow our money to go further and make more memories than ever before, and now you will have access to it too!

Whether you work full time, part time, night shifts, run multiple businesses already or are a stay at home parent, this business has something for everyone. Help your network book their trips too and earn commission on every trip you book.

Who We Are


Here's Why We Decided

To Live Life Simply Travelled

Meet the Directors here to help Start Your Success Story

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

With years of experience in coaching, marketing and a wealth of Travel Industry knowledge, you'll not only be given all the tools you need to succeed, but the people to support you too.

Char 1.png

Three Star Director


Charlotte started her business back in 2019 when she saw other people saving on their holidays and wanted to get the same amazing prices for her family.

Being a mum of two, working part-time and running her blog meant life was already extremely busy but couldn’t say no to giving it a go.

Since 2019 Charlotte has helped over 1200 family’s Travel Smarter.

This business has enabled Charlotte to earn over £100K, move house, she's save her clients over £6000 on families holidays and create a

WILL-ABLE income for her girls, she is on a mission to help other Mums create the same!



Mum of two sweet children, wife and works in a very busy IT job during the day.

She runs this business flexibly around her life and has built up another full time income through this business whilst saving a fortune on her holidays.

She’s now been able to go part time at her day job because of her side hustle!

Now working with a team of over 450 people, Leonie’s passion is to coach others in creating a successful travel business whilst opening them up to the beauty of the amazing places around us.

Two Star Director

Lydia 1.png

One Star Director


Mummy to 3: 7 year old Hugo, 6 year old Rose and 4 year old Jack- also wife to Rob, so let's call it four!

Lydia said YES to owning her own travel business as holidays for 5 got expensive.

Alongside her busy job as a PA, Lydia now earns all the commission back on her travels, and has helped hundreds of people save thousands on their own holidays and days out!

She's been able to cut her days back at work to spend more time with her children.

She has helped over 270 families travel smarter and is now a Travel Director.

This business has made her be ‘herself’ again; not just ‘Mum’.


This opportunity came to Nisha at the perfect time, when she was on maternity leave.

With the cost of childcare being extortionate, she needed a flexible working pattern, which her company couldn't offer her - so was made redundant.

She is forever grateful that her business has allowed her to earn a full time income in pockets of time around her little girl, saving her childcare fees and also saving her clients thousands on their personal holidays - a godsend when you're married to a teacher like Nisha is!

Nisha 1.png
s 1_edited.png

One Star Director


As a teacher and a single mum, Sylvia was looking for a way to earn more money.

Having seen the flexibility she knew she had to turn her love for holidays into a lucrative source of extra income alongside her full time job.

She has since been able to earn thousands and has gone on to help over 100 families to travel smarter and make lasting memories through our incredible travel business opportunity.

One Star Director


Single Mum to one Catherine started her business back in 2019 as a way to escape her debt and change hers and her Daughter's life.

She did exactly that, after just a few months she was able to quit her day job and spend more time being a Mum.

She cleared over £28,000 in debt through the commissions she earned and is now on her way to helping even more mums do the same.

Catherine 1.png

"Knowing the help, knowledge and support of the Directors is just one text away gave me the reassurance I needed to say yes.

There are so many layers of support offered to you, this has really played a key part in the success of my own Travel Franchise."


Sylvia- Director 

Above the Clouds

let's get you



If you're ready to get started, head to our "Get Started" page. Alternatively if you still have any questions or want to know more, why not jump on one of Free "Travel Smart" Discovery calls .
You can also fill in the form below with any questions you have and we will be in touch.
Don't forget to let us know who introduced you to this opportunity!
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"If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later!" ~ Richard Branson


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