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Two Sisters, One world!

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Meet sisters, Vicci and Jamie


"I started in May 2023 not realising the potential this business could bring me as a single mum to 3 children, and WOW this travel programme is changing my life. I wanted something I could start around my current job and business that I run. My plan is to take this full time, I’d love to world-school my children, meaning I can continue this business wherever we are, all over the world.

Already in my first two months of joining the business I’d saved over £2000 for my clients travel.

I’m now booking places I’d never have dreamed of being able to book alone with my children, and it’s not just travel we can book, we are so much more than just travel agents booking holidays, the list is endless.

Not only this but I now get to help other amazing families save on their own travel and earn money from booking for others.

I will say one thing, joining a team with a 5 star mentorship was hugely important for me,

and my word do you get this here.

If you have never felt valued in a work team. This is the place to be, so much so my beautiful sister has now joined ……."


"Well how to follow that introduction? All I can say is I’m sure you can see why I was so inspired to join my sister in this wonderful journey in travel.

I started just a few months back in August, and quickly began realising what kind of amazing opportunity I had, and knew it was going to be something just perfect for my life and family.

I started my travel business for many reasons, one being that I suffer with ADHD and Fibromyalgia and has meant I have struggled with my previous careers.

I now don’t have the worry about how my health struggles will affect my work, because I can run my travel business around my health and my family.

Since starting, I have taken my family to my dream holiday destination and I am taking them back this year for CHRISTMAS!

I have saved over £2000 on my clients travel and have commission coming in from my bookings that is even more to add to our travel fund.

To top it all off I have now begun sharing this amazing opportunity with other families just like mine.

I am lucky to not only have amazing support from my sister, but we also have THE best team behind us, daily support, training and mentorship without limitations.

If you are looking for something new, something where you feel you belong, something to change you life for the better, this is the place to be."

All Our Love

Vicci & Jamie


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