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Teacher Travelling The World

Hi, I'm Laura and I'm a busy high school teacher and head of year, I have to pay the school holiday premiums for every trip I take.

As a keen traveller, this has always been a frustration!

When I was offered the opportunity to become an independent agent and have direct access to a wealth of suppliers to enable me to find the best deals, I knew I had to jump!

I absolutely adore finding great deals for my friends and family and the extra income has allowed me to travel more, too.

I absolutely adore the opportunities this business creates and being able share it with others makes me so genuinely happy. I am about to jet off to Tenerife for half term, my first one abroad, and all thanks to being part of the travel business.

I was expecting to use the business to earn commission on things I was already booking personally . I never expected to have booked almost £40,000 worth of travel for my friends and family in 12 months.

I have since made the decision to open up additional income streams simply by offering other people the opportunity to become a travel agent too.

Seeing other people succeed makes me so happy!

The most surprising thing to me has been becoming a part of THE most incredible team of supportive cheerleaders I have ever known. Everyone is so helpful, shares knowledge, value and genuinely wants everyone to succeed.

I am so happy I said YES.

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