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Assistant Head Holidaying More Than Ever Before . . .

I’m Sarah, a busy Wife and Assistant Headteacher alongside studying a masters degree too! My husband Adam works in security and we run our travel business together.

We joined this business because we wanted to travel more, but we soon realised that we could travel smarter and earn an additional income at the same time.

We love that this business has given us more flexibility, enabled us to travel more and help other people do the same.

Anyone who knows me knows I love helping people, so this felt like the perfect opportunity for us.

Knowing I can earn an extra income whilst helping others reach their own personal goals is so rewarding, I didn’t realise how much I’d love it!

This additional income has enabled us to save for our future hopes to become parents, visit more places and tick off some bucket list wishes.

For a small initial input, the outcome has changed our lives and there is no looking back, we love this part of our lives and are looking forward to our next trip.

Love Sarah x

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