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I now have the best of both worlds!

I decided to become a stay at home mother as I had both my children literally one year after the other and wanted to be with them as they grew up.

When I did finally try to get a job, due to the gap in employment after staying home with my little ones for 5 years, no-one would really give me a chance.

When the opportunity to get accredited as a home based Travel agent business owner came up, with all the travel credentials included, I jumped right on it.

It was a dream come true for me as I've always loved travelling and it took a back seat since I had my kids.

This was my chance to travel the world again, and be able to book travel for my family too! I was super excited to get started and even booked attractions for myself and my family when we went on holiday anywhere as we had access to do that through some of our wonderful suppliers.

I'd definitely recommend it to other mums who want to work but also be there for their kids, for every pick up, every football game, and every concert.

It is possible to have the best of both worlds and I'm so so thankful I got the opportunity to do that!

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