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Started as a hobby, gave me a new lease of life

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

I began my travel business mainly as something for me to do for myself a bit of a hobby to maybe make an little extra money and maybe go on more holidays.

I’d had a hard few years with grief and felt a little lost, so was looking for something exciting that I could focus my time on.

This business gives me so much more than I could ever have expected.

For me the additional income and flexibility it gave around my children and full time job was an added bonus!

The biggest thing I’ve got out of it is the community of people it comes with, being surrounded by such a big happy support network is what has made it a success for me. Allowing me to travel more with my boys and take half terms off is also everything.

I’ll be forever grateful I said yes to this opportunity and couldn't recommend it more highly.


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