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Solo Mama Selling Travel

Hello! My name is Marianne and as well as being a Solo mama, & a Project Director in the advertising world, I am also a Home Based Business Owner selling travel and I help others do the same.

The reason why I started my business was initially to have some extra money to help out as I’m a solo mama.

In a surprise turn of events what I ended up doing was rediscovering myself and finding out there was more to life than the job I had been doing for 15+ years.

After having my baby I felt a bit lost.

The passion I once had for my job had disappeared and I needed something more fulfilling, helping others was one part of my day job I really enjoyed.

With my business this is the primary role, helping others earn an extra income, go on more holidays etc. When you see your friends & business partners doing really well it makes me feel so proud.

This opportunity is going to give me time and financial freedom, I will be able to spend more time with my daughter and my family. Go on more holidays and make more memories.

It’s not easy starting something new, however I am really glad I did as I am a completely different person for the better and I’m really excited for the future.

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